Faster time-to-prototype

Faster time-to-market
High-performance antennas

Proven results
Patented AI-based technology
Unlimited applications
From 1 MHz to 40 GHz
Nearly any system requiring an antenna
Large antenna library:
conventional and unconventional designs

Save time, money and frustration on all of your custom antenna design starts

X5 Systems licenses AntSyn™ (Antenna Synthesis), a new, ground-breaking software tool that provides an automated design process, saving you both time and money and giving you a superior result. We call it antenna synthesis: Enter your antenna specifications and AntSyn's patented search engine returns optimized antenna designs. Think of AntSyn as your personal antenna invention machine and antenna consultant.

New: We now offer a 2-week evaluation license of our advanced antenna design system.

X5's advanced antenna design technology has helped many organizations
achieve faster design flows and higher-performance antennas.
       NASA PCTEL Bosch Lockheed Martin Trans Sec